The Microservice Blueprint
Let's scale smarter together

Through the standardization of microservice creation we can solve the problems they bring, further empower horizontal scaling, and empower service reuse like never before!

Many large technology companies have implemented microservices as a crucial part of their infrastructure, but many of them are beginning to run into problems that stem from inadequate planning up-front. By standardizing implementation, Snappi aims to solve these growing pains, and further expand the notion of horizontal application scaling.



Quickly configure your service with Snappi's interface

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Snappi generates dynamic RPC stubs so services can communicate at scale

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Dependency management

Work with dependent services as if they were local libraries. Snappi handles distribution for you.

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The Snappi CLI will deploy services to any configured environment

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Language Agnostic

Snappi services can communicate with each other regardless of language barriers.

Centralized registry

Add services to public or private registries to share with teams around the world!

Community Driven

For the next two months the best way to contribute is keeping up with our product roadmap series. The response we receive - and discussions that stem from this feedback - will shape the alpha product planned for release in February 2017.

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Contribution comes in a number of ways. To start, feedback on the product blog posts will define the alpha product. In the future, providing fixes for bugs or features, answering other users' questions, and updating documentation will all help develop a microservice blueprint that's shared amongst the community. We'll open the Snappi code repositiories on GitHub upon the alpha release.